Snow Watch 18-19


No snow





No snow yet though, but we’re meant to dip just below zero next week so who knows


It’s 3 degrees and fucking snowing mates. Bit eraly


We’re due a bit more today. Had a second helping midweek too. Everyone’s got some catching up to do.


Has been snowing in various places around Brum and the West Mids apparently. Nowt in B78 though.

Obviously nothing settling, either.


Snowed again today. Meant to snow AND rain tonight, and then rain all of tomorrow. Great


I got hailed on at the allotment yesterday, but I guess that doesn’t count.


A couple of flurries last week in Chicago. Wonderful fall conditions rn, perfect sweater weather.


Snow on the ground


Does that mean he’s finally stopped whining about it not snowing like they said it would?




it’s really freaking me out that it’s november again. i was looking at some phone pics and i was like, this gig was back in may, feels like only a month ago.

the speed of time is freaky.

also there is no snow round are way.


Was thinking this the other night walking home from work in the cold and pitch black, like it was only a few weeks ago it was absolutely boiling and sunny, wtf, the transition seems to have occurred in the blink of an eye. Still don’t believe it’s actually November and we’ve already had bonfire night and Halloween wtf???


really super not ready for it. they’ve put christmas decorations up in the shopping centres in leeds. i just want to stay home all day. i like christmas, just…not this soon. can we slow down time a bit, god? that okay bud?


it’s trying to snow.


snow: no


I hate snow so much. I had to move house in the snow earlier this year. It was the worst.


Woke up to snow today. High of 0 tomorrow. Looks like a week of snow for us.


Krakow: Hailstorm first, then snow. And here I was, excited to be leaving behind the Scandinavian winter for a few days…