Snow Watch 18-19


I thought i saw a snowflake but i didnt

No snow in london


Snow on the hilltops around Garbat today, but just rain at road level. Classic Garbat.


Currently snowing in Caterham, admittedly very lightly.
Supposed to through the night as well.


had a few flakes a couple of weeks ago but today is the first day of the season that I’ve woken up to a snow covered vista from my bedroom window


We’ve had a couple of snow storms this week. All done with both winters already. Ready for spring.


Pretty deep snow in Chicago. School is still on despite there being no power. There are 3 kindergarteners and 4 teachers. Gonna build a snowman and order pizza :slight_smile: I’d still rather have had a day in bed tbh






Central Oslo: Snowed overnight, most of it’s melted by now but some left in the backyard

I had to run through half melted snow to catch the bus because I paused to take this pic, hope you appreciate it


snow: no

rain: yes



We’re gonna be clear of snow for a week or so. Does mean that it’s -13 though, so swings and roundabouts


"Snow on the floor
It wasn’t there before
Isn’t it funny
and it doesn’t cost money

Sun comes
You go"

Wrote this when I was 17.