Snow Watch 18-19


I hate snow. Cold and wet and pointless. Sorry @guntrip sorry everyone.


I’ve got back into snow now that a) I don’t leave on a steep hill so don’t get stranded in my house any more, and b) I have a small child who gets incredibly excited by the prospect of it.


In a shocking plot twist, Northern Norway has absolutely tons of ice and snow.


Few flakes coming down in the Surrey heartlands.


Brief flurry in richmond


Brief flurry in richmond


Just the one brief flurry just north of Redhill on my drive to work. It didn’t settle and it’s stopped now.


Snowing in EN4 this morning as I caught my train.


Clear blue skies in central London

What madness is this


Yeah, I’ve got my washing out now after this morning’s snow.




It’s coming down hard. Watch out.


Light snow in NR4


For real?

Taking the train to Edinburgh after work and then meant to be down in Newcastle tomorrow…


Not snowing anywhere near me thank fuck. #hatesnow


Some snow forecast for tomorrow. Then two feet on Sunday (not sure how much that actually is. 60cm?)


Snow here :raising_hand_man:

Hopefully no proper snowfall as I’m terrified of driving in snow


Just south of Manchester City Centre: Snowing but not settling.


GBOS here


There was the snow equivalent of light drizzle when I left home (South West Brum) at 6pm.