Snow Watch 2020/21 ❄


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N16: Snow

E20 - Snow

S7 - sNOw

Do you know what, Eric. I got the fucking bus to work today. As you well know, my stance is “fuck a bus” but today I ruined my nearly two year perfect record of walking to and from work EXCLUSIVELY because of this fucking weather,

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That’s unfortunate.

there’s snow in the car park from last week but it’s not snowed since then


Genuinely pretty gutted about it tbh

Possibly the most depressing photo I’ve ever taken that isn’t of vindaloo


Snowed on Monday.

sorry. was going to tell you to stay home but didn’t bother

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This is all your fault

oh yeah haha. this week’s draggged

PE29: snow

EN1 - snow. Not sticking though.

Would you prefer:

  • Snow stays as it is, falls from the sky in small pieces of snow
  • Snow falls from the sky but in one solid block of snow in one go (you are warned when this will happen)
  • Snow comes from the ground up

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Snowed in Manchester was really pathetic. Snow in Chadderton was also a dusting.

SW12 - there was snow and i was delighted

There were a few big snow flakes in amongst the rain earlier, in what was clearly self defining as sleet; “I’m sleet, I’m Sleet”, you could hear, gusting through the tree; but there was no snow.

It’s just nice and sunny in CF11, slight breeze, birds are singen. Really rather lovely.

SE1 to EC2, sleeting while I cycled in - am now wet and cold in work :+1: