Snow Watch 2020/21 ❄

Third go in an hour and a bit now. Properly grey skies for the firs time though.

Snowing in SK22. Also snowed this morning, fwiw

8 minutes later, it’s blazing sun

Alright, Jokes dad.

joke’s my dad actually

Oh, whose dad are you then?

haven’t decided yet


Had a couple of flurries while I was out with the dog.

Snow in EC1

Snowing in Cheltenham, for the third time today. The first time was when I was out walking with a friend. Second time I had just set off on a run. So on top of the hill I was running up I had cold wind and snow in my face. Looks lovely and warm from the comfort of my desk looking outside but it’s not, freezing.

Snow in WN5

Is this Winter II or III?


The tiniest bit of snow ever, for about five minutes, in BN7

South Manchester, soaking wet flakes falling in puddles.

High peak: flurries of snow mixed with hail.

Fuuuu insane hail


Big snowflakes, but they’re not settling at all.

Staffordshire moorlands a couple of hours ago


I’ve had so many winters and springs this year I’ve completely lost track.

We’re well into Winter 2, I think.

Yesterday was beautiful sunshine, let’s have a sneak peak out of the window at today…

FFS. Can we just go one way or the other instead of this infuriating back and forth?