Snow watch 22/23

Just started in Western Stockholm


Was about to start this thread

SoFo baby


I initially thought this was taken at ground level and the roofs in the foreground were big banks of snow built up 2 storeys high against the buildings behind

That’s more of a January thing tbf

Wish I lived in Stockholm. Snow just up in the mountains here so far.

Feel like I’ve not seen snow for ages.

Who remembers that PROPER snow we had in the UK like 2010 or something. I’m talking like thigh deep snow for about a week.

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Actually that might have been about the time there was a couple of days of big snow and my snowman was on the news.

2018 had proper snow, but in late February which is a well tight time to have it.


I don’t think I’ve seen snow at all since then, apart from a shit bit of dust.

Very fond memories of walking round at night with my headphones on listening to The Twilight Sad in the snow that year tho. Witnessed a slow motion car pile up when a few intrepid travellers tried to get up a very steep hill and started slipping back down, spinning about and bumping into each other at 6mph.


Ended up with quite a bit, and more forecast tomorrow


Was at uni then and the narrow, terraced streets were like an ice rink for days solid because they got no sun. Great fun.

Had some proper snow when the Beast from the East rolled through 3 or 4 years back. Were some massive drifts in the lanes by us. Lived on a steep hill at the time so was fun watching people try and drive up/down it.

Not great conditions out


The tv is trying to dig her car out of this