Snowfall (FX)...

Surprised there hasn’t been more love on here. Some great performances - Amin Joseph (Jerome) and Angela Lewis (Lou) especially. Obviously it’s not Sopranos/Wire levels, but nothing is.

For those who’ve not seen it - LA-based gang drama set in the eighties, detailing the crack epidemic, CIA involvement, etc.

It’s not without fault, obviously. Don’t know how believable the lead character is, and things have a habit of getting wrapped up too conveniently in the series finales, but it’s pretty slick. Great for night-time viewing. Very moody and cinematic.

Any fans?

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Yep, also a fan.
Always get really engrossed during the current season, but in fairness it doesn’t stick quite like the top tier. There’s definitely been plot missteps, but overall a really good show.