Snowing outside

Well more accurately theres sleet

No it isn’t

At home, there’s thundersnow.

Is this the snow thread?

SK6 no snow yet, but apparently it’s snowing up the hill.

Sleet home Alabama

just heard thunder

or someone dropped something really big


Sideways rain here.

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Didn’t poo yesterday so it could be the echo from this morning’s effort, actually


NG3, top of the hill. WFH, feeling lucky.

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We get basically the same weather as you guys, so I can say commiserations because it’s absolutely shit!

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Sun’s just come out

It’s sunny in between the sideways showers. Madness.

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Really hoping for a sunny patch in about 25 minutes when it’s school run time, or that’s going to be a drag

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Lovely blue sky in Aberdeen.

Similar position to me (though I’m at work). Live just off Woodborough road

Nice parking job there

Took us 90 mins in bus to get down Woodborough Road the other week because of the road works. With the snow as well going to be an early start tomorrow. :persevere:

never fucking snows in cornwall anymore

Yeah mine took ages this morning. Should leave earlier tbh