SNOWPOCALYPSE WEEK prediction thread

Apparently it’s going to be a bit chilly next week. I’ve learnt to ignore the incessant tabloid snow hyperbole but the school I was going for an interview at on Tuesday have postponed the interview because the snow prediction is so dire.

What do you reckon dis? Snowstorm in a teacup or people bludgeoning each other to death in tesco over the last pack of recycled bog roll as supplies run out?

I’m supposed to be flying to Manchester on Thursday so it better fuck off.


Just gonna be really cold where I am.

Until I fly to Majorca :smug:

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I’m sat getting a tan right now so it’s quite hard to imagine.

Depends where you are I suppose. East coast will probably be “hammered” with snow, we’re not going to see any on the south coast

Hang on, have the Daily Express printed it on their front page? That normally means it won’t happen.


would love a bit of snow but going by the Google weather app on my phone, we’re not getting any snow in south west London, it’s just going to be super cold. so that’s a bit crap.

Well I’m east coast and I’m going to be SUPER irked if we don’t get any snow. I’m really nervous about this job interview and if I’m going to have to wait for another week for non-existent snow I’ll be annoyed.

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THREE solid days of snow :snowflake: . Uh oh :scream:

I’ll ski cause that’s my thing now.

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didn’t they say that february was supposed to be the big freeze? sun’s been out all week. they’re full of shit, it’ll be fine.

Yesterday the BBC website said it was going to snow for 10 days. Its not that bad now, but where I live (Caterham) is very hilly and always gets tons of snow.

I hope its doesn’t materialise.

Does everyone in caterham drive caterhams? That would be super cool.

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beast from the east


fucking winter III


Such a lovely day here, blue sky but bitterly cold. I can see us getting a fair amount of snow but nothing too drastic and it won’t get me a day off work so it can basically fuck off.

Typical Earth


Wonder what’s triggered all these snowflakes


may god have mercy on us all


already had an email from South Western Railway pre-empting them shitting themselves should a flake of snow come within a few miles of a train track. might just work from home all week.

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