Snyder's of Hanover


Obviously the top of the pub snack mountain: but what’s the best flavour

  • Cheese
  • Jalapeno
  • Buffalo Wing
  • Honey mustard & onion
  • some other one that I’ve not seen

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general appreciation also welcome


fucking love them

once @jordan_229 sent me some through the post, that was a great day

i can’t remember what my favourite flavour is


love these more than life itself


Used to be really into them but then became a better person.




i might stock up for the randonnee because i think it would be good to replace our salts


don’t think I’ve ever had them.

Pretzels are the most overrated foodstuff I can think of right now.


Kiwi eh?


Fuck off racist


though i bet they don’t sell them on the isle of wight


Shit snacks for shitplebs.

(never had them)


They are very different to a pretzel. You’re missing out


they’re basically fat crunchy pretzel bits which are super-flavoured and extremely delicious


love getting a big proper pretzel with fuck off chunks of salt all over it in a pub



maybe I’ll give 'em a bash.


I prefer the more authentic, indie alternative.


I wasn’t aware these even existed until now.




and then you bought me some and I had them in the spoons pre-Hotelier. Wonderful times.


you’re in for such a treat

they’re usually in the “american aisle” bit of big supermarkets