So after about 20 odd years of scoffing at gym tossers, im considering joining a gym


Think the only way i’ll get my finger out is if i’m paying for it. Is it worth the money, or am i gonna sign up and not go?
Who here is a gym tosser? Any glasgow gym tossers recommend a gym?


not really worth joining a gym, imo.

buy yourself some weights, pick up a cheap rowing machine from gumtree, steal a bike and put your feet back into your running shoes. easy


Work pay for my gym membership, I very rarely use it now that I’ve started running outside properly.


not really interested in weights and such, just a bit of cardio and that


well, you definitely don’t need to join a gym for that.


hmmmm yeah i use to be quite good at just getting up and going for a run outside but for some reason that’s fallen away to the poine where i just can’t be fucked. not sure why as i always feel so much better after a run


i do like the idea of a pool though


Running outside > running on a treadmill. Just find your local parkrun and get #involved


But I feel you can’t be fucked to do that you won’t be fucked to go to a gym but will also waste money


just go for a swim when you want to go for a swim!

anyway, if you’re going for pure cardio, you should pick up a skipping rope. for real


yeah perhaps. maybe i should just book into some fucking class type thing, that parkrun thing that aggpass mentioned


skipping rope eh?!


Definitely see how easy or not you find it to commit to a few classes first. If for four weeks on the trot you can commit to going in and doing a class, you’re probably okay to sign up


Also, see if you can find a casual running club. There’s one in sheffield that has a monthly run (6-7km) ending at a beer shop for a free beer and cake. Much easier to force yourself up and out if that’s waiting at the end.
Or drag a friend along to the parkrun and go for some decent breakfast afterwards or something


hmmm sheffields a bit far ma man


You know what I mean you contrary fuck


Agree with bird, if you want to do cardio, join a pool. Better exercise than running, doesn’t destroy your legs/feet/knees and tones you up more.

Hitting a gym and weight training is also really great to help lose weight and get into shape though. You also burn calories while recovering/doing fuck all which doesn’t really happen with going for a jog.

To pay money to go on a treadmill seems ludicrous to me.


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A while back I signed up for gym membership and, shamefully, it didn’t take long for me to not bother using it. Used the pool / lido but I cba for the gym. Cancelled it. Most of my exercise is running outside nowadays.


I was exactly the same then joined a gym for a year or so and now I’m out the other side and back to scoffing at the gym tossers. Its a journey you need to go on.