So, apparently these days you can't even knock one out in your own back garden

The sooner we’re out of the EU the better.




was that pic taken in said garden?

It’s political correctness gone mad

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Clicked on the thread assuming balonz was back :frowning:



No pissing involved

Foxhole Academy sounds like it could be some sort of specialist movie

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Hang on, I was nearly there.


Health and safety gone mad - surely a man’s garden shed is his very own wanking castle, neighbours be damned…

can’t he just apologise to his neighbours and agree to wank in his house in future?

The Voice of Reason.

Would this be regarded differently if it was conventional sex in a garden? I feel like it would be.

The Great Garden Wanking Poll[poll type=regular]

  • I haven’t and would never have a hand shandy (or do some gusset typing) in my back garden. What kind of person do you think I am?
  • I haven’t done but I may well strike a blow for freedom and give it a go this evening.
  • I have done but only as a callow youth, I’m above that sort of thing now.
  • I have done and will continue to do so, neighbours be damned
  • I’m doing so right now

obviously I don’t know the full circumstances but it seems a bit unreasonable to call the police on this one.

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describing her office as “very messy”.


Not only that but apparently she’s now facing a teaching ban? Her husband sounds like a bit of a wasteman but that’s a bit harsh

one in the hand is worth two in the bush

(senseless, i know)


Vaguely related but where does the expectation of privacy lie as far as this sort of thing is concerned presumably a garden is not the same as say, being in-front of a window curtains open…asking for a friend.