So, apparently these days you can't even knock one out in your own back garden

can you imagine carrying on there after all the kids know your husband got caught wanking though?

To be fair that’s the sort of thing kids make up about their teachers anyway.


being a teacher is probably the worst job on earth

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I don’t know whether this still applies or not, but:

no garden, just a communal bin area. but I’m willing to give it a go in the name of freedom.


That seems to imply that you can go at it with impunity in your garden just so long as you can’t be seen from the street, so unlucky neighbours!

Call me a horrible weirdo and this man is obviously a bit weird but I’m still struggling to understand why you can’t wank anywhere on your own property

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Think I’ve more or less exhausted all potential opinions I could have on the internet now.


I assume it’s the same as you could be done for exposing yourself if you stand naked in your front window for all to see?

more portions. more wanking.

ruffers/profk alliance 2022.

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I blame the Tories for the relaxing of planning laws allowing more buildings to overlook gardens, they have really shot themselves in the foot with this one.

the idea of you worriedly reviewing the legislation in 2003 has really tickled me ribs.


I just remember its ridiculousness being mentioned in stand up shows and Have I Got News For You.

You can wank anywhere on mine too, I won’t mind.


Poor aim, go for the curtains.