So ATP/Willwal was finally wound up in January


Well, thats that!



The first document.

Now THATS that.


I miss ATP now :frowning:

(obviously ATP of the glory years, not hoodwink all your money for a weekend with about 4 bands you hadn’t heard of, who hadn’t been paid, in Camber Sands ATP)


hmm hang on a minute!


Surprisingly quick tbh. Probably means most of the bands he owed money to didn’t get paid.


hey steved, got any good videos about auditing or anything?


I haven’t watched this so I accept no responsibility if it turns out to be interesting.


I hope this doesn’t affect my Gold membership


they’ve immediately described it as a webinar, think we’re safe


Where the fuck is my Drive Like Jehu refund.


Is anyone still waiting on a Jabberwocky refund?


Was talking to someone about this a couple of days ago, at it’s prime ATP was pretty much the highlight of my year. The first Vs The Fans, Mike Patton / Melvins and Pitchfork weekenders count among the best festivals I’ve been to. Loads of good bands and wild parties.

Shame about that Barry Hogan.


Is Barry DJ-ing at Primavera? DiS meetup venue?


Still regret not going to vs the fans 1


ATP are still listed as a partner on the website:





[wipes tear off of Alexander Tucker vinyl toy]


ATP/Willwal - no one likes us, we don’t care


Barry still does some of the booking for Primavera.