So ATP/Willwal was finally wound up in January


I’ve been to a couple if Rockaway beach festivals now and the 2018 edition was by far the most fun, they really seem to be learning from previous editions and getting better. Going to be back again next year as had so much fun last time around, it was a better seller as well. I also used to go to a lot of ATP festivals and missed the good times. January gives you something to look forward to after Christmas as well, beat those January blues.


Hope you enjoyed Talos m8 :wink:


Thought they shut that place down…


Moaning are pretty good tbf!


€560 for a 2 berth with that lineup, I can see why ticket sales were lackluster. Hope you had a good time anyway man. ATP realty spoilt us with their £170pp and stellar lineups.


Cheers. I’m sure all those bands are fine but the names would put me off. Tokyo Sex Destruction in particular is a bit try hard :rofl:


ATP is still going strong here in Oz.

#48 ???

Not quite the same thing. Probably similar levels of expertise when it comes to running successful festivals though.


Barry still owes me my 35 quid or whatever it was.


I think it’s time for tire irons.


You know what could just bring ATP, or an ATP style event back in a stroke?

Someone booking Pavement for one, announcing it, selling it out immediately (like last time), then worrying about the undercard after.

Probably work with some other acts expensive too, but all these festivals think they can make it work by having a lovely mixed line up of middle sized acts when they actually just need one big whopper to get it up and running, then can try and get cool further down the line. People will take a risk on a band they love and trust.


I would love to see a book released containing an oral history of ATP, including interviews with Barry, fans and attendees, past curators and musicians, Pontins/Butlins staff, local residents, the crazy cape man. If the book came signed by Barry I would buy it in an instant.


(work with some other expensive acts*)


I was talking about cape man the other day to a friend. I bet he’s an accountant.


In a similar vein…does anyone know this got funded and if so where I can watch the videos?


What’s the cape man thing? First time I’ve heard mention.


He was at the Camber 2006 one with YYYs / Shins / Dinosuar jr curating dressed in a cape, obviously on a lot of The Drugs and being WACKY all weekend. Never saw him watching any bands.


A strange cape-wearing lone man of Japanese(?) appearance who would appear in random locations (festival grounds, staircases, arcades, but never in the actual venues) on the Pontins site over the course of the weekend. He would be shouting about something and doing a funny stamping dance. Very possibly a shared hallucination. Can’t remember exactly which ATP it was, but definitely a Pontins one. Think I remember someone on DiS spoke with him that weekend and established he was tripping balls on lsd or something. Seemed ok and not in need of medical assistance or anything, kind of acting like someone who had spent all their life locked in a room finally being let out to attend a festival he had spent the past five years reading about.


He was at Mars Volta too


Rough cuts of these were screened at the National ATP (the most tedious ATP I went to) - they were pretty good, in the same vein as the feature length documentary but never saw anything about a proper release.