So ATP/Willwal was finally wound up in January


Yeah was going to say that I was sure he was a frequent attendee while he lived in the UK. He’s talked about in the documentary film IIRC


Bloody loved The National ATP :slight_smile:
Each to their own though. Aye it would be good if they got a proper release though.


That assessment might have been a little harsh, on reflection Wild Beasts, Antlers, Boris, Deerhoof and the National were all pretty great. Just seemed to lack the wild party vibes of my favourites!


They are here (I only heard about them from your link, haven’t watched)


God I miss ATP, and talking about ATP and going to ATP and feeling like I might die in the days after.


I experienced cape man at an ATP

  • Yeah that dude loved acid huh
  • Who?

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Cape man was deffo at the Shins/Sleater Kinney/Dino Jr one. That’s where I saw him. Only other ones I did were Slint and Dirty Three. Don’t remember him being at either of those.



Barry is still living off the ATP name!!


met a guy who would give you his hat and then would lie on the floor and wanted you to throw the hat over his face. think i did it about 5 times.


National ATP was the only ATP I went to and is still one of the best weekends of my life, despite hating the National and 95% of the other shite bands I saw that weekend

won a book at Book Bingo by knowing the first line of David Walliams’ autobiography


I thought I recognised you…


is it “i’m so, so sorry.”? cos it fucking should be.

if anything, that should be the entire book.


National ATP was the coldest weekend of my life.


it’s something about the book sharing the name of the US President’s country retreat - think it had been on HIGNFY that week or something


i see.

what a total helmet.

(him, not you)


I loved ATP in the glory days, the last real great one for me was the triple headliner of Battles, Les Savy Fav and Caribou.

Kind of feel the audience have all grown up/got kids in the time its been away for it to be successful again…at least with the type of bands they were booking.


I dunno, the crowd there was pretty grown up already. Needed to be at £200 or whatever it was, plus the cost of getting to the middle of fucking nowhere (Somerset).



The Germans are giving it a reasonable go:


The problem with any event of this sort is that now everyone will wait out the first year to see if it actually goes ahead before they put any money down. I know so many people who were tempted by Safe as Milk but were too wary of being Hoganed to buy tickets.