So ATP/Willwal was finally wound up in January


2006 with Iggy/Sonic Youth was rammed - first time in Minehead. Versus the Fans 2 and 10th anniversary in 2009 also very busy.

Jeff Mangum rescheduled event was a sign of trouble - ended up being given a chalet for 8 people despite only booking for 2.

Bleakest moment was turning up for a single night of the Inbetween days in 2011 to see Yob - must have been 30 us max in the venue.


Anyone know how the Australian ones did financially? I mean I assume pretty terribly because it’s a very expensive place to run a festival, but the Drones one seemed relatively well attended. Hard to tell with nothing to compare it to though really.


Or any of the foreign on a actually, like were they ever a good idea?


I got told by someone in the know that they lost about $1m on one of the New York country club ones.


The details of when things started going bad were posted once I thought? I felt like it went back to 2007

Because my recollection was we had our tickets and stuff booked for the Dirty Three and then they announced the ‘Vs the Fans 1’ shortly after and that caused people to go to that one instead but doing both was a big ask. With the United States one 2006 they announced both together but also Pontins was so small. Here they needed twice the numbers on each.

Plus I think all the fannying around with the queues for NBC at Minehead the year before had left a bunch of people not nearly as quick to buy because Pontins definitely felt like the better venue.

And then they did their NBC announcement. I thought someone had said that only vs the Fans 2 had been an actual proper profit making sell out with Minehead?

:smiley: Although I seem to recall being told it wasn’t empty, it was full of normal holidayers who used the place, no? Or else there were a number of them just there to enjoy a nice Butlins holiday wondering what all these weirdos were doing there.


Yeah that vs the fans thing was a pisser. D3 was great but doubt I’ll get the chance to see subtle and subtitle live again


Can’t ever imagine I’ll see this again


Went into an ATP wormhole looking at that Wikipedia page with a combination of nostalgia and awe. For all the bad things that came later, there really were some incredible lineups and collaborations, not to mention the sense of community that came with it. My earliest (and probably best) was the Breeders in 2009. Have fond memories of a desperately hungover friend struggling through a blistering and relentless solo Zach Hill set.

Have perused before and keep finding new stuff each time, like pre s/t LCD Soundsystem playing the Stephen Malcumus/Sonic Youth fest in 2004. Must have been insane amounts of fun :smiley:


The Malkmus/Sonic Youth ATP at Camber in 2004 was my first ATP, and LCD Soundsystem were the first band I saw. They played the smaller venue downstairs and it was about half full. Their set was very ramshackle with several technical hitches, James Murphy was in a bad mood too, but I think I remember Nina Nastasia was on afterwards and she was amazing.


The Mars Volta NBC is still the best festival i’ve been to


I was quite late going to the actual festivals as my mates were never up for it. Wasn’t until I started a job in 2007-8 that I met a few people who I could share a chalet with. So first one was Explosions In The Sky in 2008 and it was brilliant, aided by great weather. I remember it being busy to the point that I had to miss things like Four Tet.

They started to feel less and less busy at everyone I went to after that.


The original ATP Concerts wasn’t wound up until April 2017. It took 5 years!

Some highlights from the administrator’s report

  • Willwal was supposed to pay £70k for ATP’s assets, but only paid £50k due to severe financial difficulties.
  • There was a company PayPal account holding £140k disclosed to the administrator. However, it turned out it wasn’t held in the name ATP, so it couldn’t legally be retrieved by the administrator. The £140k was transferred to a third party.
  • Just over £2m in creditors ended up on the adminstrator’s list (as opposed to £2.6m originally), but they didn’t put any effort into verifying claims because there was no money.
  • The only people to get any money from the winding up were the Administrator, HMRC (who got £142.32 in tax for Barry buying his own assets) and the PA company who got their costs back from their winding up petition. Everyone else got nada.


LCD were on the Sunday night (it was my first one too) between Notwist and Dizzee Rascal- are you possibly thinking of Deerhoof? They were defo before Nina.


hmm, seems to be someone named Mr. Bertie Horgan


Only good atp was the mogwai 2000


I’m guessing this is Barry’s PayPal account that poor Jamie Summers had to ask everyone to transfer ticket money to when they had issues with ticketing first time around.


“…needs taking down a peg or two.”
Summers used to get a fair amount of flak on here didn’t he?
I’d love to hear some of the stories he could tell now he doesn’t work for Baz.


As an early naysayer of atp I feel vindicated, there were loads of warning signs, but people in here used to defend them so staunchly


don’t be daft


I’ll rephrase it to out of the 8 or so I went to that was the only one I enjoyed