So ATP/Willwal was finally wound up in January


Sorry to do this TTF, but I’ve got to question why you went to as many as 7 that you didn’t enjoy? Surely you’d have given up after 3 or 4!


Secret Billy Corgan set was rumoured for them all


I guess my optimistic nature


Yeah it was Deerhoof, with LCD on the Sunday, thanks. Looking at the line up again now, I don’t remember Love playing on the Sunday, why the hell didn’t I watch them.


Oh dear, it won’t surprise you to hear that they were a “bit good”


That Yob one was 2010 wasn’t it? We stayed on after Godspeed! for the Monday and it was tragic - there was a brilliant line-up of Hallogallo, Cave, White Hills, Emeralds, and Ulrich Schnauss but literally no more that 20-30 people at any one time. At one point there was about 10 people in there for one of the acts (possible Emeralds?), which included our mate having a little sleep in a chair near the front.


Barry Higgins indeed!


Access denied.


Yeah that’s exactly what I was doing with Safe as Milk. I thought if the first one went well then I’d go to any future ones. Everyone thinking like that is obviously really shit got Safe as Milk or any other potential organisers.


this from Byron coley’s review of ‘Europa my mirror’ tour diary book by quintron, in last months wire mag…

‘the final passage of the book is one of my favourites. their big English gig gets cancelled at the last minute for no apparent reason. it was all tomorrow’s parties, organised by barry Hogan, and quintron is so pissed off he decides he’s going to track Hogan down and sock him on the nose. this involves some travelling, some sleuthing and even some roaring twenties costuming.’


Who is quintron?


From Quintron and miss pussycat I think.


They live


I’m pretty sure that any ATP merch should have been seized as an asset by their administrator. Tut tut Barry.


I’m just reviving this necro-thread for this…


And so it starts again …

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I’ve always suspected they still promote stuff on the sly, their facebook posts often ‘atp favourites are on tour, check them out if you’re in London tonight’ kinda thing


Looks like these gigs might be ATP also?


When that Black Angels/Follakzoid/Thee Hypnotics gig was first announced, it was going to be at The Troxy. A friend of mine sent me the advert on Instagram and I commented, to her, that I wouldn’t go because I loath the Troxy. Within a couple of minutes I got a super-defensive response from ‘the promoter’ saying that the Troxy was a brilliant venue and it’s such a good line-up and a good price for all those bands. Basically saying that I was wrong. I replied just saying that I personally don’t like the Troxy and that this is a preference, but I just got quite a huffy response saying I’d never get a better line up for the price and it’s my loss.