So ATP/Willwal was finally wound up in January


There is a new and mysterious promoter called “Ambidextrous Events”. They have 3 events listed:

  • Black Angels at Koko
  • Oh Sees at the Forum
  • Oh Sees at the Margate Winter Gardens


Really don’t get why bands would work with baz


Actually slightly looking forward to developments in this saga


Oh no. I have tickets for the Oh Sees forum gig. Shall I just burn them now?


Send a video of you burning them to Ambidextrous Events with the caption “you won’t fool me this time Barry!”


It really depends on whether The Forum has Dyson Airblades or not.


Just decided to look at when it all finally fell apart, expecting to be surprised* that it was ten years ago. Was only in 2016.

*Conscious that you cant really expect to be surprised, but you know what I mean.


I really miss ATP…
Had some of the best times of my life at them…


Look out, hogan’s about!


notice they are still releasing albums according to their facebook. surely the asset that is the good atp name should have been sold to pay of their debts


ATP Recordings is a separate company


Would have though main atp would own their name even if the other company used it, plus they use the same social media and website so it still seems off to me, plus Willwal are listed as being in the sound recording and publish game so which one was the events


Wilwall was events and festivals after ATP Events went bust. All ATP companies are ultimately owned by Hogan, but because of the setup, the name isn’t one company’s to sell (and I doubt it has much value now anyway)… The administrator could have licensed it to someone else for events as part of the winding up, but who really wants to be the person to try and revive ATP’s reputation these days? Far better to create your own brand.


Just seems weird that willwal were listed as a record company too, suggests it was all very shady with him using whatever company he wanted to do everything, with any separation just being to limit his liability, atp recordings is officially dissolved too


Basically feel Barry should have been banished never to be heard from again


The record label is licensed by the Association of Tennis Professionals.


Choice quote from this:

“At each ATP festival, Clownshoes will release a Dolbee to coincide with the event.”



I’m pretty happy he’s still involved in booking Primavera, as we get the good side of what he does (booking), without any of the bad stuff (events management) and he gets none of the recognition as they don’t have the stage anymore


Apparently he’s driving a minibus from Barcelona to Porto between the two festivals, with Lightning Bolt playing two sets en route! Tickets £250, cash in hand ideally


Exciting news! Looks like the next ATP will be launching in Christchurch, New Zealand:,172.5992608,150a,35y,90h/data=!3m1!1e3