so bored and tired i feel like i might pass out

Caffeine has no effect on me I swear, I’ve had midnight coffee just for the taste before

people make comments I horde so much communal food

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you plug in your desk?

no wonder you love communism so much

I was uncomfortable asking the receptionist to manually raise my desk each time, she’s tiny.

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i don’t understand.

I know.

i’ve googled ‘raising a desk’ ‘electric desk’ and ‘moving desk’ and I’m still no closer to figuring out what this is. apparently ‘standing desks’ are a load of bullshit though, according to scientists.

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is it one of these?



I do not buy into the cappuccino’s after 11am ‘rule’

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no coffee after 1pm.

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Increasingly prevalent in the editing world and some tw@ts have started acting like sitting at a desk is old fashioned.

Enjoy varicose veins at reading!!!

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hahaha imagine editing a thing whilst sitting down

why is everyone pokemon now


This is a funny sentence to read in isolation

It’s pokemon avatar day

remember these cunts

absolute wasters imho