So bored today (banal)

whats going on


whats up meowington.

i’ve had two red bulls and three diet cokes


and I said hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey I said hey, whats going on

me too

fucking loud bellends debating awful things in our office. can’t fucking bear it. we’re the quietest floor in the whole building and we mainly hot desk (apart from library staff cos we have too much “stuff”) and usually there’s no one here, but this week there’s been this awful gaggle of bros chatting absolute shite for the whole day. they barely get any fucking work done. urgh. WHERE HAVE THEY COME FROM. i can deal with chatty people, fine, but chatty + loud + seemingly no fucking awareness of how loud your voices are? = CUNTS

sorry i’m quite irritable because tonight i have the task of opening all the unopened moving boxes to try and find the blackout curtains. and i’m a bit anxious about 200km ride. :confused:

I fancy a diet coke
Might pop to the vendy

Why are you not being a classic librarian and shhhhing them?!

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this is just an office space, not a library.

remember when casinobay fell in that canal


I think you should still shhhh them

We have someone here who is like “GUYS COME ON” when we’re making too much noise

What a day

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ahh, nostalgia

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i don’t wanna be that person :frowning:

can 100% guarantee i’m going to be stuck working late on a friday night. can’t wait for this job to be over.

…i need a coffee

I’m babysitting three toddlers tonight by myself. Are you allowed to put them in a cage? It’ll be for an hour, tops, and I’ll give them toys in there as well.

they sit opposite a man who when we did a decorate the desk comp at xmas, he bought all the stuff to make his desk into a huge snow globe and she said no you’re not doing that i dont wanna sit infront of that all day :rofl:


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i think ultimately it depends on the size of the cage

going home at half 3 coz i came in way too early. unforch ive just remembered some work ive been putting off all day, but its ok, its less than an hrs worth

It can be big. I just don’t want them running into the fireplace/kitchen/upstairs/anywhere really, and if they work out that they have strength in numbers and start moving tactically I’ll be in trouble.

My phone battery appears to have stopped charging when plugged in. It’s going backwards in %.