So bored today (banal)

i do not

Have you plugged in the phone drainer by accident?

are you looking at it upside down?

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got a sanny p on the go


technically its mandarin (I think?)
(we had a game at work to guess how much % of orange it was)

A friend moved away and has given me this. I don’t know what it is. The smell doesn’t give much away. Any of the DiS jetsetters recognise it? @plasticniki @_Em ?

what does it taste like

no it’s in english

you’re on fire today japes

you’re halfway through it and you don’t know what it tastes like?

I was trying to avoid the taste test.

It arrived like this.


fuckit, let’s have a swig.

Hmm. warm, not unpleasant.

Hello, friends.

I’m continuing #NoBag2K17 but had to buy some wrapping paper at lunch. I feel like carrying a Kindle in one hand and some wrapping paper in the other is going to look a bit weird and I’m pre-emptively self-conscious about it.

Can’t believe you’ve not learnt from your mistakes yet.

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mm, think you might be right.

it says it right there on the label

i don’t speak kazakh m9