So bored with


People talking about how much they love prosecco or gin or any alcohol really. Memes on social media with massive wine glasses etc going ha ha this is me! I’ts not funny or interesting at all is it?!


As a fully teetotal man who just one week ago was on an extremely boozy stag weekend, I can confirm that it is extremely boring to hear people going on about how much they love alcohol.


Think that wine is corked, mate.


Wonder what the next one’s going to be after the gin and prosecco fads pass.

My money’s on vermouth.


just the eight pints for me last night


Would say all that forced kookiness and marketing disguised as twee kitschness around anything is my main irk these days. 20’s themed gin nights, the great gatsby was meant to be a cautionary tale you absolute fucking belms. Idk, taxidermy themed wine bars. Owl everything. Fuck off.


They’re hardly fads. Both been top choices for a couple of years


I like it when you go on a stag do and one of the stag’s workmates (it’s always a workmate) is counting up how many pints they had last night. Great fun.


Midouri, maybe. Port and sherry are due a youth-appeal update.


genuinely read those memes as a cry for help.


We’re you in Hamburg on a stag do during the G20 riots or was it someone else who was going to hamburg on a stag


Gin’s definitely a fad. It never used to be standard to have a handful of different gins everywhere. Gordons, Bombay Sapphire maybe, that’s your lot. Now every pub you go into has got 47 of the fuckers.


I’m thinking a big surge in interest in Amarula Cream


That was me. The G20 riots provided an excellent backdrop for me frankly.


That’s been the case for ages though.


English Sparkling Wine


As if your local Hungry Horse is now some hardboiled speakeasy, rather than just a venue for pissed up dormitory town bust ups. Stack of onion rings and an Aviation, table 12!


Think we’re onto semantics now. It’s transient, it’ll pass.


If they post something like this, and then a ‘map my run’ picture, than a selfie of themselves at home with a wine glass, i would consider calling samaritans


Was a big fan of your updates.