So.... Cancer


I’m really sorry for posting this here but I feel I just have to write this out somewhere.

Today I found out for the 3rd time in my life that my mother has cancer, she’s been slowly deteriorating in health for the past couple of months but cancer wasn’t spotted until today. I’ve been through this twice already but this time it’s lung cancer and very likely liver cancer and I’m devastated. I feel like my head is spinning and Im constantly weak at the knees and am so sad because FUCK she doesn’t deserve this :’( No one deserves this.

Sorry to post this here but I have to vent some how, my phone is currently broken and I currently don’t know who knows the news so scared of talking to people on facebook :frowning:


Oh fuck, man. So sorry to hear that.


Of course you can vent and share on here.

We’re all with you, it’s a really cruel and horrible time and thing to go through. Thinking of you and your family. Xx


Yeah I can’t offer anything in terms of support or advice except to see that I’m very sorry to hear and I hope that she recovers.

All I can say is to show her as much support and strength as you can. I hope you and your family are okay x


Awful awful thing, really sorry to hear this. All I would say is - keep coming here to post/vent your feelings. There are lots of good people who I’m sure will try to help you through it.


I’m so sorry you and your family are going through this. As others have said, vent away, and I hope you have people you can lean on offline as well.


Really, really sorry to hear that. I work in oncology so if there’s anything you want to ask feel free pm me.


Take care, bud.


so sorry about this

you’re more than welcome to talk about it here as much or as little as you feel you want to xx


so sorry to hear this, I wish I could help you beyond expressing my deepest sympathy and concern.


I’m so sorry to hear about this. In a similar situation at the moment. PM me if you want to chat though we don’t know each other.

But I don’t know if you can take some comfort in that I know what you are going through. And it’s fucking awful.


Ah matey that’s so shit, I’m sorry. x


Our thoughts are going out to you, yiad :rose:


Can’t quite tell you how much sympathy I feel for you and yours, man. Been through this almost exactly myself. Only advice I can give is to remember how unpredictable medicine and bodies can be - stuff could work out better than it looks right now. If it doesn’t, that’s to be dealt with as it happens. It’s the hardest thing to do but try not to second guess anything or assume the worst. If you need a PM or phone call or pint, shout. X


mate, so sorry to hear this

just want to echo everyone else’s comments and say feel absolutely free to talk how, when & where you like about it

I lost my dad to lung cancer back in 2009. I dunno if I can offer you any comfort or any advice - it’s supremely shit - but if you want to talk you can always PM me - same goes for you @LeeKaye or anyone else who might need to

take care & take every moment you can with your loved ones


That sucks man, I’m so sorry.

Going to support what everyone says, this is always a place you can vent as much as you like.


Sorry to hear that man. Glad you felt like you could come on here to tell folks and hope you continue to for as long as you need.


Sorry for the late reply

Just want to say thank you to everyone, I’m not going to lie… I’ve not handled it well and currently pretty drunk but… fuck

I’m sorry for bringing the mood down :frowning:


Im so sorry buddy, big lsis be and warm thoughts to you and yours. There’s a lot of support here whenever you need it I reckon x


Lost my mother to stomach cancer in May. She was 58 and was only diagnosed in July 2016. It’s awful for everyone I know.