So Daft Punk have split up then 🤖 🤖

seems kinda odd that a dance duo like them would ‘split’ but there it is

they must have had a falling out over something I guess

speculate away

Da Funct


Stop the music and go home. I repeat, stop the music and go home.


But where are the must hear hits of the summer going to come from?!


Can’t really imagine being in the same band for twenty years or whatever. Fair enough really.
Haven’t done anything good for about twelve years anyway

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Quite amusing to have 2021 in that video they like they’ve been smashing out albums up to now

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They are so filthy rich at this point they would never need to make a single second of music again anyway. Good for them I guess.

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Thought they split up years ago.

Homework is one of my favourite albums of the 90s.


That’s a shame, great band. On a side note 20th anniversary of Discovery next month.


Does that mean the last thing they ever released is a song with the Weeknd? That’s quite funny.

Guessing they have spent the last few years working on new music since that was the rumour and it wasn’t working so they stopped.

Also only Thomas blows up Guy is still going if you want a conspiracy theory.

Haven’t gigged since 2007, haven’t released anything since the ‘Tron: Legacy’ soundtrack. They may as well have broken up a long time ago.

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but it’s not really a big deal having to spend a couple of months in the studio with the other guy once every 6 years or so is it?

seems odd to basically say ‘I am never getting in the studio with that other lad again’


Maybe there’s been a John Terry / Wayne Bridge scenario?


they’re French so obviously this was my first thought - though in my head it was more Harrison/Clapton than Terry/Bridge


They could have just setup a school a la Krusty the Clown and had a number of regional Daft Punks rock up to local fests wearing the robot helmets, doing a bit of a Dj set and raking in the £/€/$



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Thomas apparently suffered very badly with tinnitus and hearing problems so the video might just be his way of saying “yeah, I’m done, but the other one’s still making tunes”.


I see