So Daft Punk have split up then 🤖 🤖

I dunno, I think everyone reading it (regardless of whether they agree) should be able to see that it’s obviously their opinion. We don’t need to start every judgement of a band with an “in my opinion…”, it goes without saying.

It’s no big deal (obviously), just think it’s fine for people to call them shit in the face of huge critical acclaim, maybe even healthier for it to happen in that case. I’m on record on past threads on here as saying I’m a bit baffled by the respect they get, and theirs is a strand of house music that leaves me cold. I like the helmets though, and don’t mind if someone puts on Alive 2007. They’re fine I suppose.

I wasn’t suggesting adding “in my opinion,” I was suggesting saying “I don’t like them” rather than “they’re shit.”

I’m also not overly bothered, and am basically fine with everything you’ve said but, again, a completely meh band calling a band with a legendary album “shit” is definitely gonna get a comeback from me…

Daft Punk at Hyde Park is still one of the absolutely best live shows I’ve ever seen. Just an enormous amount of fun.


Sorry for derailing the thread everybody. :frowning:

Obviously anyone can think Daft Punk are shit and critical consensus or whatever doesn’t matter at all.

But saying they are shit on the day they announce they’re splitting up, calling it ‘the best news of 2021’ and then not even standing by the statement and blocking people on Twitter when they challenge them on it shows they were doing it purely for the attention, which is a dickhead move

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Pretty sure someone on hear suggested that the monoliths were daft punk at the time.

It was me ha well via reddit


hilarious that you forgot yourself


good call

Oh yeah, agreed, my input was really only on the “come back when you’ve made a classic” comment that’s been discussed above.

from jim’ll paint it


:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

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Big money in spotify streams

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There is if your name is Daniel Ek

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I’m sticking to my opinion that one pretty “meh” band calling out a critically acclaimed band as “shit” on their Twitter with thousands of people watching, isn’t the same as random people at home or on a forum telling like 3 people what they think. Just seems a bit rich to me. Attention seeking.

Also agree with with others about the timing of it.

All in all, pretty douchey.

Agreed, as with the HGATR threads, I find ‘ I don’t like them’ absolutely fine as opposed to ‘they are shit and you shouldn’t like them’

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Enjoying the theories that this is all a mysterious promo campaign grand plan to drop a new album or tour. As if their previous mysterious promo campaigns haven’t been anything other than doing the bare fucking minimum.

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They’ll be back in 2027 for the reunion shows. Bookmark this post.

@discobot set a reminder for 2027

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