So did I miss any fun news in the last two weeks?

No need to mention anything horrible or upsetting that might have happened on here.

Just trying to catch up like

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My friend Nina had her baby


Niño or Niña?


Hi Bammers! glad to see you back

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I don’t know what this means :frowning:

'kin 'el :frowning:
@profk can you explain how clever and funny I’ve been here please?

Ah, thank you Google translate, it’s a boy.

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oh congrats!

Read that as “Ninja” initially. Had just come from the shuriken thread.


She would make a terrible ninja.

Hopefully the right thread this time.
Did you see that NASA took a fidget spinner into space?

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no but that sounds like a very 2017 thing to do.

What happened?

the lack of G takes the spins to a whole new level

forgot I actually own one of these dumb things

saw the other day that my chip shop’s selling fidget spinners for 1.50
made me really nostalgic for early 2017


My friend and his wife also had a baby boy in the last fortnight. That means at least two boys have been born, and, as far as I’m aware, no girls. This is a potential demographic timebomb.

I’m (very half-heartedly) trying to make laughingpepper.jpg the new thunderbirds.gif


I feel bad when I see market stalls full of them