So did I miss any fun news in the last two weeks?

I got a fidget spinner “ironically” for my birthday a few weeks back. I am the king of fiddling with little bits of tat, but I just don’t get that thing at all. What am I missing?

this is amazing, would totally use this for an album cover

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same here - someone at work got me one because I’m a constant fidget. Spun it a few times and not touched it since.

Fidget spinners have gone nothing on a standard biro.

saw a fidget cube for the first time in tesco a week ago, most ridiculous thing ever, just a tiny cube with a little switch on each side that does fuck all

I like seeing all the new variations

Another couple of pizza threads. I think people on DiS are starting to realise that pizza’s OK.


that’s crazy talk.


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still haven’t tried putting apple on my pizza yet

I’m glad to have you back mate, but please don’t.

:smiley: well pineapple is good on pizza so surely apple would work too.

Plus just eating an apple with a big bit of cheddar is a classic!

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turns off router


are you allergic to cheese?

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no, I love cheese but it really should not be eaten on apple.

cracker or bread for me.

I wouldn’t go with apple on a pizza, but I used to be given sliced apple and cheese to eat when I was a kid and I remember it being great, so I endorse this.


this is my lunch probably 3 days of the week.

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I endorse your endorsement, apple and cheese reminds me of my Grandma.


pine nuts + apple = pineapple? :thinking:

apple can go on Flammkuchen, which is basically pizza, so I don’t see why apple couldn’t go on pizza

Thats what she wants you to think

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