So everyone's a racist now father?


What the hell happened?



Shut up whitey.


Typical cracker response


normally I get a joke in mine!


Fuck this shit! What’s a good charity for helping with the Syrian crisis?

I hate my country


Shut up Jacob




remember when most people on dis were racist? like every other thread on here contained racist and sexist gags circa 2008





Reckon Amnesty International is probs the best shout Bam.


On another part of the internet the other day I was arguing with a guy who on the face of it seemed a normal intelligent human being, who genuinely believed that people who object to racism are racists.


thanks mate. Can’t let the bastards win


sexism yeah but don’t remember much overt racism, probably had the luxury not to consider it really.

Just sad times, I hope we have all grown.


I genuinely think DiS is a better place these days.
There will be others better placed to confirm/deny this though.


yeah thank god for this place or I would lose all faith in people


I am willing to chat to people these days, without feeling the need to shout at anyone. It’s not because I have a higher tolerance, it’s because other people’s behaviour is dramatically better.


That is really good to hear!
And it’s all because of people like yourself and DB/DD and etc.


Don’t forget @penoid