So everything is cake

apparently, and it’s making me sick

Can’t move for tweets such as the above. Foul.

Are you cake?

  • Perhaps
  • Couldn’t possibly say

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Someone offers to make a life size cake you - for free

  • Yes, please! I’ll eat a slice of cake me and enjoy sharing the rest with my friends
  • No thanks, would freak my nut

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I hope you don’t mind me making my own poll, Kerms! I do love to poll.


I like looking at these videos and going “ha! how about that! it was cake all along!” when they cut the cake


ur not gonna believe this



Omggg noo

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I smell like biscuits.


You poll away my love!

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In my country, this is a great honour to bestow upon someone.

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No wonder this tweet was banned in Guinea

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My Mummy used to make really good cakes for me, she made Stingray one year and the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle another year and, whilst they were great, I always knew that they were cakes.


It’s just insane. What is the material they’re using that’s so versatile it can be made to look that lifelike? And presumably edible?

I hate to disagree with you, tone, but it’s not for me. Find it unsettling in an already confusing world.

We have to grasp to certainty where we can find it these days

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Would you rather smell like

  • Delicious biscuits
  • Yummy cake
  • Tantalising normal human

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Thanking you kindly.

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I like it, I like that everything is cake.


Mate, that’s exactly it. Makes me feel sick.
Like, I respect the skill but it’s just… it’s just not right

I love everyone who votes for delicious biscuits.
I feel like an unappealing weirdo for smelling of biscuits :cry:

Hey Ruffers, let’s say you’re making out with some hot chick with mondo waps but then it turns out that the waps are cake, are you more aroused or less aroused by this discovery?


How about a cake you can live in