So everything is cake

Everything actually is cake and there is no other food.

  • I’m going the distance
  • I’m all alone in a time of need

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very enjoyable how unprompted this confession was


Used to enjoy the elaborate cakes made by the attractive Siesdorf couple on Food Network’s Texas Cake House


Raw chicken cake is not appetising at all.


You wouldn’t have to worry about crumbs in bed if the bed is already




Hey, if you ask me, the only thing the Cake Boss is the boss of, it’s cakes!


To everyone who voted yes please

  • I’d prefer a free cake not made in my image but I won’t say no to free cake! I’m no fool.
  • I genuinely really love the idea of eating sponge and icing made in my image.

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I think you’d get used to whatever you smelled like, and it would be a bit shit if cakes or biscuits smelled of nothing to you because you smelled like one of them

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Which is the attractive couple and which is the cake?

Twitter has broken me

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  • The floor is cake! :cake:
  • The floor is lava! :volcano:

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Maybe this is big cake trying to get us to think about cake cause they baked too many cakes.

You’re probably right and annoyingly it works because yesterday all I wanted in the world was cake (had some jam on toast instead though)

Inspired by @anon5266188

I would rather nibble

  • Real boobs
  • Boobs made out of cake

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A cake floor would be quite bouncy and fun, I reckon.

I think more, but any wapping would need to end to discuss whether she was alone in cakehood or whether there’s a civilisation of cakes in our midst. It would probably be a bad night for her from then on because I’d want to discuss the philosophy of being cake.


Reminds me of when loads of people were stockpiling and Ann Summers sent out an email saying WE STILL HAVE COCK PASTA AND CHOCOLATE COCKS AND MAYBE SOME CHOCOLATE TITS AS WELL and then they sold out too


It’s hip nowadays to slag off icing but imo it’s still one of the best bits of the cake


hold on when people get married is the wedding cake version of them the real marriage

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