So everything's fucked


and then in the comments he says oh i forgot about two obvious ones: antibiotic resistance and the global pensions crisis

these problems are a big part of why i have no interest in having kids

then again maybe before too long we’ll all be able to just plug ourselves into the matrix :slight_smile:





oops sorry - caps!


Anyone bought Monbiot’s album?


Alright, Warren Ellis of the Dirty Three


Maybe it’ll all be ok!


It’s going to be okay, they’re about to invent how to download rice. That’ll fix everything.


The interesting thing here is that he’s largely framing the end of humanity within the context of the political make-up of the richest nations.

I’ve been wondering really if a lot of the fear that’s driving much of the nationalism we’re seeing is both an imagined and real shift in which countries are going to take center stage in the future.


Who wants to play Guess Where We Regress To? I’m betting 1750s, so boo no wifi, but yay wigs.


Pfffft. Only about 2 of those are possible threats to our existence at some undefined point, maybe.


Oh also this is fairly terrifying


I’m not convinced we deserve any better
60 more harvests sounds fine to me


60 + 30 = Yes, I’m probably fine with this also.


When will there be a harvest for the world?