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So in the English language we use the word “right” to mean the direction and also that an action is “right” as in just. In Spanish its the same. Is it because the root word in Latin or whatever meant both the direction and that something was correct?

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Is in lots of indo-European languages. Recht in German - pravy in various Slavic ones (also relates to words for truth/real in those languages - see Pravda)


Not sure. But I know that the French for left is gauche, which also means awkward (or at least it does in English). Lefties were viewed with deep suspicion in years gone by. I’m sure we were thought to be witches or something?


Why though?


There’s also a lot in Biblical and classical imagery in relation to the right hand. Jesus is depicted in the Bible as being sat at God’s right hand, which is said to be the favoured side.


Think it’s to do with most people being right handed- and cultural bias against left. See gauche, sinister etc.


As in “you go straight ahead for a couple of blocks, hang a right, then take a sinister turn”?


stop being a gauchebag