So I just had a car accident

Looks like my car’s probably a write off, my phone is a write off (fortunately I ordered a new one yesterday that’s due to arrive tomorrow) and I’m home briefly waiting for my work phone to charge so I can contact insurance company and go back out to take some photos of the damage and the minor scratches on my hands/arms

Odd really - first major smash I’ve been in, but just clicked into ultra functional mode rather than anything else. Completely the other driver’s fault, but I can’t feel any anger or anything for them right now, just minor irritation at the hassle I’m now going to have to go through.

Have you ever been in an accident? While I’m waiting, regale me with stories of times you had accidents (ideally ones not involving major injury and/or death) and/or had to go through the pain of dealing with insurance companies.

Shit man, hope you’re ok.


only been in a couple where other people have been driving.

make sure that you’re okay and you haven’t hurt something without realising. good luck getting it sorted.

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Hope you aren’t too shaken up once the initial functional reaction fades.

I’ve been lucky not to be involved in any, but my sister wrote off my mum’s car when she was 18 going at 5mph out of Queensgate car-park in Peterborough when she trundled very slowly into the side of someone.


Hope you are OK but probably do go and get yourself checked if you have any pain or stiffness (ooh err) in the next few days as you are probably full of adrenaline right now!


Cheers. Physically okay - couple of cuts on my hands, minor burn from the airbag on left arm and my left thumb is aching a bit - which I guess is from it jamming into the steering wheel or something. Def no whilplash - as @Twinkletoes says - not sure how I’ll respond later.

Mrs Z has decided to head home from work early, so she’ll be around by 5 to help me out too.

A write-off at 5mph?!


Ooft, hope you’re okay.

I’ve never been in one myself but an 80 year old man drove his car into the side of ours in Tesco car park while Mrs CCB was driving. Managed to write our car off from what looked like pretty superficial damage (two doors and a side-panel).

The main ballache was (a) getting a fair price from the insurance company (had to use screenprints from Autotrader to show that we couldn’t get a replacement for the money offered) and (b) trying to then find a replacement car within the seven day timeframe.

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Definitely just have a sit down for a bit and a sugary cup of tea or something.


Oh God. Is this a thing? :frowning:

I’ve poured myself a coke. Caffine will definitely help, right? :wink:

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Hope you & anyone else involved is ok

You’ll only really know once the adrenalin wears off so prepare yourself for some mild delayed shock or at least a bit of shakiness

Sending my best :heart:


TBH I think I should have asked for more time. It’ll vary between insurance providers I’m sure.

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Yeah take it easy. It’s very likely you’re going to have some kind of delayed reaction to that, so don’t overdo anything.

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definitely this, when one of my mates had a car crash he was like an ultra-functional robot for 7 hours and then in the evening started getting dizzy and shaking a bit. must be to do with adrenaline and survival mode. so just take it easy!!


Go and get yourself checked over please. Just in case. It won’t be a waste of anyones time.


You’ll be surprised. the guy who went into the side of our car can’t have been doing more than about 5-10mph, but managed to cause enough superficial damage to render the car beyond economic repair.

depends on how many which panels etc need replacing, value of car etc, innit

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good idea - question is where other than A&E I could go - too late to get to minor injuries etc by public transport

Do you have a walk in clinic nearby? They may be able to help. Failing that i’d see how you go and if anything major change happens, pop to A&E or get an emergency appointment with the GP in the morning.

If there was something up, i’m sure your wife will notice when she sees you.