So I just had a car accident

Oh dear. Take it steady for a day or two.

I’ve only been in two accidents: one was on a school trip when a pickup truck carrying a load of chickens tried to overtake a car and hit our coach going in the opposite direction. A couple of minor injuries, but nothing else. The other was a puncture while I was driving, which caused me to hit a bank at the side of the road. Knocked the tracking out on the car, but nothing too serious.

Fortunately, neither necessitated dealing with insurance companies.

My girlfriend was involved in an accident that was 100% the other party’s fault (they admitted it at the time), but then they denied responsibility and the insurance company put it down as a 50/50, so my girlfriend lost her no claims bonus and her premiums went up. Don’t let that happen to you.

probably have to be tomorrow morning I guess then. Nearest walk in clinic around here is too far. Cheers Meo - it’s a good thought.

Really doesn’t take much to write off a car these days.

My dad is the king of car writeoffs though. I think he’s done three, including a T-boning a couple of years back, which I assume is what happened to you? His best effort was when I was about ten. He came home about four hours late from work, having left a dual carriageway at speed, careered into a field and ended up hanging upside down from his seatbelt. When he got home he handed me about ten of my Top Trumps, which I had illegally concealed under a cushion in the back, and which fluttered around him as he dangled. Obviously I was annoyed he hadn’t collected them all.

My dad is a shit driver.

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when people say write off in insurance terms it transfers into total loss, there are different categories of total loss. This might help give you an idea.

What makes you think it was definitely the other drivers fault ? did they admit that at the scene ?

They drove straight out of a minor road and out from behind a stopped car to turn right while I was doing 30 in the other lane. No chance to stop. In their words “I didn’t see you.”

Obviously her insurance company’s job will be to find a reason to avoid blame, but it feels cut and dried to me.


My Mum’s disabled as a result of a massive car accident. Was on life support for 2 weeks etc. Pretty grim all round.

Totally the other driver’s fault (he was overtaking at the top of a hill on an A road just as my Mum got to the top as well, she swerved out of the way and hit a tree head on) but there were no witnesses so he completely got away with it.

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Hope you’re ok. I had a similar response when I was in a motorway crash earlier this year - My brain somehow managed to entirely disassociate itself from what just happened. It was only after days of repeating the story to numerous people that it properly got to me.

Regarding insurance, we used Direct Line who I couldn’t actually fault. Did everything for us and we had the money in our account by the end of the week.

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Write down an account now whilst it’s fresh in your mind. Don’t admit any kind of fault. Are there witnesses? Did the other person admit fault at the scene?

Wow. That’s horrific.

Hope she’s managing to handle things okay now.

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Sorry to hear about the crash, glad it seems no-one was injured.

I had a couple when I was between 17 and 20, unfortunately I was only had 3rd party fire and theft as I couldn’t afford fully comp so although they may have been write-offs (one of them definitely would have been) I loaned myself up to the eyeballs and got them repaired.

Bad one number 1 was when I bought an Astra SR in 1987, I went for a drive the day after I bought it all happy and excited, aquaplaned on a bend, span 180 and went backwards down the opposite verge until the car came to a dramatic stop with the help of a tree!

Bad one number 2 was on a dual carriageway that had no central reservation someone was stopped in the second lane waiting to turn right and I ploughed into the back of them. I got done for driving without due care and attention for that one.

I like to think these acted as valuable lessons as since 1995 my record has been clean (touches wood, crosses fingers, burns sacrificial effigy)

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I’ve got a guy’s name and phone number - the car behind me, he seems to be backing me. As I said in the post just above, the other driver didn’t admit fault, but did say they didn’t see me.

Hopefully the insurance companies will see it that way as well. And definitely get yourself checked out fella.

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Oh yeah she’s fine. Just cracks on with things and it was 20 years ago now. Her pelvis is now entirely made of metal plates which is pretty cool. But yeah we were pretty much in last rites territory (we’re not Catholic but, y’know) for the first few days when it happened.


Did you get photos at the scene? If there’s serious damage it’s worth reporting to the police.

Dont really deal with motor insurance day to day (or I try not to anyway!) but it should be pretty apparent from the situation and the damage to both vehicles who was to blame.

I was in a similar situation when I got knocked off my bike, but they pulled out in front of a parked lorry. She admitted at the scene but it was reported to the police and they didn’t dispute it. Took a while to settle my claim but that was more due to us not being sure how bad my injuries were. Had to organise MRI scans n that.

Sorry, missed that post. Just chill out now - these things happen, and be thankful that no-one was badly hurt!

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Twisted the chassis

Haven’t got photos yet - phone was dead so I need to get back out there with an old school camera shortly. Police did come out briefly to stop traffic, so it should be on record, so I could move my car out of the way though.

Just doing photos of my minor scratches now, just in case.

Hope you’re ok dude.

Been in a couple of write offs. Lorry ploughed into the back of me at traffic lights. Was pretty terrifying hearing a massive SMACK and shattered rear window glass hitting the back of my head and suddenly looking up to see that I was all the way on the other side of a busy junction with an angry lorry driver already at my window and shouting and swearing at me for stopping at a red light. I’m afraid to say the insurance money took over a year to materialise as they disputed it.

Second one was a tire blow out at 70mph on the motorway. Lost control and went head first in to the barrier and then rolled back across three lanes of traffic without getting hit, was quite busy too.

Hoping never to be in another one, feel like I’ve had about as much luck at avoiding injury in road accidents as anyone gets.


When I was about 12 I was in my dad’s car when we got t-boned by a teenager at a pretty decent speed, on the back lanes in the Vale of Glamorgan (if anyone knows these, they’re basically a rat run of single-width lanes with irregular passing places and enormous hedges, basically a traffic accident waiting to happen). Was very much BLINDING MOMENT OF SHOCK into an almost immediate quiet with the car half buried in a bush, but luckily we were all okay and the car was at least drivable enough to get us home.

When I was about 18 my mate Bob was a massive skater - long bleached hair, hoodies, baggie jeans, etc. He rear-ended a fancy BMW in his Cinqecento and the guy got out, took one look at him, and was like “Oh fuck you haven’t got insurance have you.” Bob was like, “Mate, I made a mistake, I’m not a total cunt.”


Best wishes czuk!

I hit the back of a car a few years ago, we were approaching a roundabout and they changed lanes way too quick and I smashed into the back of them. Both indicated to pull over but as saw as they saw the damage to the car I was driving they sped off! Dicks. I was fine but the car wasn’t really. Good job it was my dad’s. Hah.

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