So, I’m moving to Toronto


Tell me cool stuff to do there and where to eat and drink and hang out please. All welcome to visit obviously. Any other DiSers there?


Oh wow! Congratulations GP!


i went in february. it was really cold.

so maybe bring a coat with you?


Just came back from Toronto yesterday (hols, obvs). Great place really liked it, I’m very envious of you.

Some eating highlights were Porchetta & Co and Maker Pizza. Really liked Kensington Market and Queen St West area. Chinatown is plentiful for eating options too.


We went there on holiday last year - loved it. I think we just used loads of tips from here.

A friend of mine lived there for a bit a few years ago. Be prepared for it to be very hot in summer and very cold in winter.


Also, read and watch Scott Pilgrim before you go, then you can spot all the locations when you’re there.


My neighbour Toronto




Also, the Royal Ontario Museum - holy shit!

Usually when you go to these types of museums they’ve got like 1 Dinosaur skeleton, couple of fossils, maybe a whale or something like that, the RoM has fucking LOADS of Dinosaur stuff! Its mad. I was in my element. They have other stuff too but the dinosaur exhibit blew my mind.


Been meaning to go to Montreal, will jog down to Toronto when i do.


Get massively behind my beloved Toronto FC, a decent MLS team with noisy fans. The poutine there is decent too.


Go see my friend Colm.


I’ve got friends who live near Bellwoods Park. It seemed very nice round there, although we didn’t stray too far from their place so I haven’t got too many tips. Also, it was six years ago that we visited, so all our tips would be out of date now anyway.


The 6 is great


anyone else singing the title of this thread to the tune of ibiza by the vengaboys?


fuck sake niki


One of my favorite cities. Great choice. I’m going next month to visit friends in Burlington.

I would recommend the beach on Toronto Island for a great spot for a picnic.

and Sonic Boom Records (which I think has moved since my last visit but still looks massive)


that the ‘clothing optional’ one?


ooh… I didn’t realise I had that option.

*I remained full clothed throughout the evening.


Keanu Reeves grew up there.

That’s all I know. How come you get to live in so many cool places GP?