So I went to the doctors to see about my irregular heartbeat and really bad lack of sleep and she asked me if I was suffering from anxiety

I said I hope not!

Seriously though - gotta go back next week for an ecg and blood tests

Jordan you’ve done it ag…

Hope you’re ok my man. I’m sure they’ll know more after the ecg.

getting you to do her job for her! lazy!

Lack of sleep and anxiety do go hand in hand. I found myself being super sketchy when I was going through a very bad period of insomnia.


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Spoke to my GP today, he said I need to book an appointment for a PSA check. Reckon that’s where they measure my tyre pressures

Cardiologist reckons I have this;

Got to have another appointment in a month.

My friend has this. Had keyhole surgery a few years back where they went in through her leg and did something to her heart - and is right as rain now.

Well fuck mate, hope it is all okay in the end x


Sounds like going round the houses a bit!

Yeah, amazing what medical science can do these days. I’m sure even now a few years on, the processes and outcomes will be even better.

MrS has this, has had failed surgery twice…they said it would get better and stop as he got older but has got worse to be honest. Coffee and alcohol affect it a lot, particularly alcohol which he has stopped altogether now.
You on medication for it?

Hmmm. Seems like one of those things that is very often nothing. Quite vague, innit. Like lots of heart stuff
Reckon my heart is odd. Often get palpitations (like me da) uncle had triple bypass, other side of family from Glasgow and both my sons had (apparently) non-concerning murmurs.
Basically, I don’t want to know when it comes to matters of the heart

Is “really bad lack of sleep” good sleep?

Yeah don’t think it’ll prove to be anything too worrying, its quite common-ish.

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I’m just being put on beta-blockers for a month before an appointment with a cardiologist.

I heard you had acute angina.

And a great set of tits too.

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Oh hang on, this was serious. Just assumed, y’know.


My appointment is today. Got a letter through saying this specialist who I’m seeing didn’t think it was Wolff Parkinson White after reading the results of the tests I had to do. So lets see what happens…