So, if you had to either be a centaur or Tom Jones' PA for a month which would it be?



You’d still be you, just with a horse’s body. Same home, friends, partner(s), job etc.

If you want to be both Tom Jones’s PA and a centaur simultaneously then we’ll make it a fortnight.


Tom Jones’ PA please


Centaur, I’d be a bloody marvel, could definitely spin it into some lucrative opportunities before I turned back.

Plus I’m awful at admin.


For those who just want to give a straight answer here’s what’s known in these parts as a poll.

    • Tom Jones’ PA for a month
    • A centaur for a month
    • Tom Jones’ PA whilst being a centaur for a fortnight

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A centaur, I’m not really seeing any drawbacks tbh.


I’d imagine Tom’s pa must be dead (or at least very old), so I’ll be a centaur please.


Yeah this. Think the press would be a pain in the ass but beats doing work.


Third invisible option is both for a fortnight.


What is the legality of having sex with horses if I was a centaur?


Strictly legit.


Centaur please


I knew you had tried to pull this kind of shit before:



If I was Tom’s PA, could I just quit my job?




I knew you’d knew it.


Centaur. Means I wouldn’t have to be around will i am


Guys, I’ve used “pa” to mean “father” here, with hilarious effect. Just in case it was a bit highbrow for you.


Could I sell his secrets to the press?


Alright Frasier.