So, if you had to either be a centaur or Tom Jones' PA for a month which would it be?

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Hah, nice to know I’m consistent in my opinions (and posts).

Who did you used to be on here?

Brusma or DanielKelly

If I tell you will you rate the tracks from the Joshua Tree (worst to best)?

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Could I be a sort of reverse centaur - horse’s head on a human body?

Don’t be ridiculous!

I like your thinking.

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I have a lot of thoughts and questions about these three pictures.

I can stick a #SSP tag on the OP if you want to talk

Does the green one with the disturbing behind have a penis? Because it looks like it has a penis.

Titan appears to have a penis.

Oh you’ve covered that.

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I think it would be for the best if you read them again and then gave us a short summary of each.

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With multiple-genitaled green hermaphrodite centaurs? Yes, you should do this.


Tom Jones’ PA, the pay’s probably really good