So is James Bond one guy?

or a bunch of different agents with the same “name”?

  • Same guy
  • Different agents

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James Bondage

James Casablancas


The different agents thing should work but there are a few continuity issues like OHMSS to Diamonds are Forever, the opening of For Your Eyes Only, and Felix Leiter’s references to all that which specifically are designed to say he’s the same guy


multiple actors


I mean I’ve never watched a whole Bond film but I think my interpretation is more fun. Could say they are all given a backstory and memories of the previous Bond agent’s deeds too if you like.

I think James bond is one person but I think 007 could be anyone

Having said that I’ve seen a few James bond and they are always different.

different actor, different mannerisms, some of them are more moody, James Bond is a well generic name, come on they’re blatantly all different people


Yeh I think this is correct

OR, third option: is James Bond

  • An outdated nonsensical idea that was always pretty dubious

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It’s not a new theory. The problem is these continuity aspects also feature others treating him as one character.

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that’s probably just bad writing on the part of the author imo

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The books actually have huge amounts of continuity. Surprised me

imagine making a massive spy serious about a guy with a generic name who saves the world multiple times and not making him different people. Astounding lack of creativity and vision

Ah but privileged white cis hetero men are fairly easy to mix up, tbh. #yesalljamesbonds


the big plot hole is always of course that if it’s multiple people OR one person, continuing to use the same one alias whenever you check into a casino/hotel/anywhere is utterly gormless if you’re a ‘spy’


yeah maybe the whole thing is rubbish.

What’s a good spy movie xylo?

Was the one where Brosnan steals a painting good?

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I guess a spy and a thief are two different things actually

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no. a good spy movie is Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy