So is Theo a mod again?


Yes, as I needed help investigating various forum issues and you need to be an admin to investigate.

Oh christ an admin!

…and he’s cheap labour, and because we’ve got that video of him not knowing how to eat a bar of chocolate there’s no chance of him going rogue again. Muhahahahahaha.


Haha! Ol Theo back at the big boys table! Just like old times! Jumpers for Goalposts!


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It’s the L-plate that always makes this photo for me.


It’s like when Gordon Brown got Mandleson back in

Theo restored post editing, I think you should be nice and pledge allegiance to the Theo.

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this :x: :100:

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I was expecting to be demoted again @sean?

This thread is a reminder of why I couldn’t be arsed with moderating any more in the first place.

Theo, Theo

He’s our man!

If he can’t do it

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