So... isn't possible to delete a post?

Can’t delete posts?

Of course not!

We can’t delete posts, no. We can move posts/whole threads to The Lounge, which means that they are hidden from the majority of users. We can also edit and redact text/images from posts but you still view the original if you click on it.

Is there something you need to have deleted?

I already deleted it, I flagged it saying that I didn’t want to post that. Thank you for your answer!

Admins/Mods can delete posts, but CCB is a Leader so it’s not possible, AFAIK.

Deleting is designed a bit oddly on this site. Someone flags a post and admins/mods get a flagged message notification.

When you go in there you get the option to Delete, agree with flagging or disagree with flagging.

The problem is that if you think “Yeah, I agree with this” and hit ‘agree with flag’ then you only get the option to hide the post. However, if you click ‘Delete’ it then asks if you want to also agree with the flagging.

I have no idea how they came up with such an over-complicated system. Quite like the idea of Deleting but not agreeing with the flag. “Yeah, we’re going to can this post but your reason is completely wrong”.

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Should probably clarify for @colon_closed_bracket that for a weird period it seemed like you couldn’t delete posts. There is definitely something up with some of the flagging process. But there are other methods that have become clear since then that allow you to delete without flags. None of this was explained in any manual for the site so you had to sort of play around, which is obviously a bit of a pain.


Yeah, I don’t get a flagged message notification.

Yeah, and I think you don’t get the same options when you do ‘select posts’ in a thread

I just get these:

Fascinating chat.


I’ve enjoyed it, thanks. Gives me an insight to what i’m missing just being a basic user.