So I've got some Doritos...

but nothing conventional to dip them in.

What do you think I should choose?

  • Sriracha Sauce
  • Peanut Butter
  • Ketchup
  • Mango Chutney
  • Marmite

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For the record the flavour is Cheesy smelly cheese flavour.

I would avoid dipping in your situation


can’t eat the cheese ones on their own though can you.

I do do that


bit fetid though?

Dunno what that means


Oh right. Good word use. Smart.

I don’t think the smell of the 'ritos will be lessened by dipping them

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Sriracha is probably my best option for flavour but it’s intense and strong, would have to dab a little tiny blob on the point of the triangle…so loses marks for coordination required

can’t help but wonder if peanut butter would be a HOLY SHIT! moment though

something sweet will balance out the cheese I feel. I’ve tried chutney before and it’s ok for a while but can be sickly. The others are uncharted territory for me

I can predict it would not

I wouldn’t bother dipping cheese Doritos. I just suck the flavouring off then eat the crisp.

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Dip them in the bin

really wanted to believe the hype about peanut butter and cheese on toast so badly but it was incredibly disappointing!

I like eating mango chutney with popadoms

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yeah that’s a big one!

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Still convinced that was one big hoax. Not willing to try it to find out.

got a good drink combo to deal with the dry mouth this will cause?


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