So I've just been told I've had a package delivered. Now here is the problem.

I ain’t home. The package was supposed to arrived tomorrow, when I’d be in. Its a couple books. Meaning - its probably on my doorstep. Its raining. Meaning - it’ll probably wet when I get home.

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I agree that this is a problem.

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Should have ordered an umbrella as well.

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never happened

Your move, brah

you want to get yourself a letterbox mate

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2 books fella. 2 reasonably sized books.

Are they waterproof books, like kids sometimes have for bathtime? Cos you’re in luck if they are.



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It might stop raining soon. it’s sunny where I am

don’t think i own a book that wouldn’t fit through a letterbox

the two biggest books i own probably wouldn’t fit though together though?

hope this information helps you

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I had an amazon package in the rain but the items inside were wrapped so excessively they withstood the rain

My postie leaves packages for me outside in a large post sack When it’s raining (which is every time he has to leave a package outside for me).

This is great but they are massive, meaning and I then have to dispose of them (they’re that plasticky material, a bit like ikea blue and yellow bags are made from).

Thanks for your time

4,200 unread emails?


that’s not a question hoogs


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blaze it


I, too, am an intellectual who reads books


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