So I've just signed up to Bandcamp off the back of the Twilight Sad live album - any further recommendations please?

Any artists or live albums I wouldn’t be able to get on Spotify of Youtube?

Thinking in a post-punk/shoegaze type vein please?

recommendations welcome, ta.

You can follow genres in the mobile app so that your music feed shows you recommendations for those genres.

Most of my bandcamp collection is black metal so I don’t have any post-punk/shoegaze recommendations but you’re welcome to browse

In terms of bandcamp exclusives, King Gizzard released a couple of live albums on there in January to raise money for animal charities dealing with the fires in Australia (remember them?)

I know they’re just about to bring out another live album on a wider release but the Live in Paris one is still the one with the best tracklist imo

Not really any post punk in here but shoegazey in the vein of a more fuzzy, cosmic take on mazzy star. One of my albums of the year so far.


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Gonna hijack this thread for funs: in your bandcamp collection, what’s the most collections anyone of your purchases appears in and what’s the least number of collections?

E.g. I own:
Mitski — Bury Me At Makeout Creek (appears 1613 other collections)
Claire Birchall — pp (7 other collections)


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Sufjan Stevens - All Delighted People EP - 4978 other collections

Gaze is Ghost - Abacus (my mate’s latest single) - 1 other collection (but you should all buy it)

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Re: Bandcamp recommendations, I should note that the Daily Bandcamp blogs are really superb stuff -

Really well-curated blogs with a clear amount of care and attention paid. Perfect antidote to all the algorithm bollocks.


Cheers, just listening now and sounds good.

Also on the lookout for heavier, faster stuff akin to Ringo Deathstarr etc so all ideas welcome. Ta


Have you heard Palm Haze yet? Fast, melodic, explosive shoegaze full of tempo changes. Their 2017 debut EP is great but their 2019 album Reve Bleu takes things to another level. To me they’re the most exciting band out there right now.

Wildflower is one of the best songs of last decade.

Noname - Telefone (4,465 other collections)
Captain Mustache - Mentally Naked EP (3 other collections, one of the tracks was played on Weatherall’s final NTS show, which is where I first heard it)

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Cheers, v good recommendation but am aware of PH already thanks and you’re right, they’re great!

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Lots and lots of shoegaze/noise-pop/glitch/soundtrack/post-rock/ambient

Highest: Sufjan Stevens - All Delighted People EP (4978 other collections, also my first BC purchase)
Lowest: KGD - Peaking (3 other collections. Saw him support GY!BE. Excellent synth drone)

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7242 collections

1 other collection. Some Portuguese/eastern-folky type sound, from an album released at the beginning of the year. The song Rutina De Lo Absurdo is very very good.

Oh, by the way @Adam_R, Bandcamp are waiving all their fees on 1st May, so if you want to buy some music then that would be a good day to do it to benefit the bands a lot more!

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Highest -

5515 collections

Joint Lowest -

12 collections

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Highest - 10279 collections

I’ve got a few that are in 1 other collection:
Milks & Rectangles - Civic Duties
Paintings of Ships - Shore for Sure EP and English Weather
Pity Party - FREEEP

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von mine collection:


(in 9382 other collections)


(in 4 other collections)

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Is there a quick way of finding this out?