So last night a mate of mine asked on Facebook if anyone knew a local electrician



I remember after I got dumped by an electrician, the spark just wasn’t there any more.


Oh wait, this isn’t that thread is it?


Lost my job as an electrician
Which is sad but I’m trying to keep myself grounded


Our one got knocked off a ladder by an old person on a mobility scooter and they just drove/rode(?) off!


Well at least they weren’t too badly injured to operate a vehicle.


Just offered our electrician a coffee and he said he didn’t need one because he was already wired


My electrician asked me to advertise his business on so I said I’d give him a plug


My electrician is a bit dim. The lights are on but there’s no one home.

(I’m not very good at these)


Had to get rid of ours - they had a bit of a short fuse


Our electrician said he didn’t do a bad job on our light switch but it’s absolutely shocking.


Been calling up my electrician repeatedly about a job he half finished but he’s just left me in the dark.