So last night my neighbour (one up) text me the following at 10.30pm

‘Hi Lo-Pan, i know this is random but are you in the flat and available for me to pop in for a bit?!’

‘Hey, is everything ok?!’

‘Yeah, just feel like i can’t be in the flat right now, i know this is random but thought i’d ask’

‘Eh, aye cool pop down’

So she did, and sat with us for about a half hour drinking wine and explaining that she’s got a new flat mates who’s got massive boundary issues and she needed to get out.

So, is that kinda thing acceptable at that time do you think?

Knock at the door and SOAWJO in 5, 4, 3…


Hmm, 10:30pm seems a bit too late but that was good neighbouring on your part pal


depends how well you know them really doesn’t it. I don’t have any of my neighbours’ phone numbers, so I’d find it very strange

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You’ve done this to antagonise Theo haven’t you?

Sounds like someone’s getting a new girlfriend!

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have met her a few times in since i started work/moved into the flat, and i have her no as i needed to contact her when i got it to discuss a leak. she’s really sound and i didn’t mind but wondered what the consensus might be.

Sure, s’fine.

how many live in gfs does one man need?! :wink:


She’s been watching Cold Feet

did she look awkward/miffed when she realised you had a live in lover?

I’d say it’s a bit odd but fine. If she’d just knocked on the door that would be off, but she texted in advance so it’s all gravy, baby

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sounds fine tbh, what’s your beef?

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I’m afraid you’re going to have to move

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Neighbours should be there for one another! That’s when good neighbours become live-in girlfriends.



not at all, she had bumped into my new live in gf although i think she thought she might have moved out by now.
oh and thenduring conversation asked us if we were considering having children?!?!?!
‘eh, no, not right now anyway’ :slight_smile:

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no real beef, i just know thyere seem to be some kinda unwritten british etiquette regarding what time you can phone folk and what have you

I really hope you introduce your missus to people as your live-in girlfriend. Proper Partridge-y.

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