So let me tell you something; I come to work in trainers and then change into my work shoes when I get to work

But the last two days I haven’t bothered to put my work shoes on and no one has said a thing.

No one has said a fucking thing.



My trainers are really comfy

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Good to have you back btw, KWP!

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Used to do this, can end up in a wearing one of each situation

The Worker’s Party of Korea? Kilowattpeak?!

I’ve only ever done this with sandals to work shoes. And I have never forgotten to change.

wearing trainers is a great power move

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especially if you’re in the running business

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We once had an intern who went barefoot, assume he is the ceo of some multinational by now


A colleague forgot to change into his shoes for a customer meeting, changed them under the table in the meeting.


I don;'t really have “work shoes”

I have a pair of boring black leather shoes under the bed, but they seem to be funerals only these days

This is the exact reason why work shoes being a thing is ridiculous.

I am unclear what that image has to do with Kanye written on a finger that resembles a flaccid member

Kevin Wince-Poateng

Ken Wright-Phillips, the forgotten brother.

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You’re the real Kanye’s white penis m9

On-topic lol at Ye’s trainers - wearing £1,500 trainers just to the office is the real power move:

Ahhhh I’m with you! Christ those Yeezy’s are ugly.

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Ah, it struck me as a cock who thinks he’s cool cause he happens to have trainers on, just like writing Kanye on your willy doesn’t actually make you a successful rapper and producer

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I beg to differ.