So May dancing, why does she do it to herself


I am no position to criticise as I am a bad dancer but why do politicians do it to themselves


All tories are very uncanny Valley when they try to pretend they’re human


bet she had someone killed for setting this up


It really does look like she is a robot, I imagine when she actually does the robot it must be amazing


those shoes are straight :fire:


It’s you! It’s May! And it’s dancing!


this is going to be so heavily giffed


I know I cant wait



I was thinking shape-shifting lizard rather than robot, but either works


Politicians can’t win with stuff like this.

She dances well: May struts her stuff amid Brexit CRISIS
She dances badly: May’s robotic dancing reflects STAGNANT policy
She refuses to dance: JOYLESS HUSK May humiliates nation

I have no sympathy for any Tory who embarrasses themselves when they walk on their hind legs like people but it’s one of those things that won’t ever end well for her.



EDIT: I got Senor Dingdonged


EDIT: looks a bit weird without 2xespresso’s one too


That is how weird all dancing looks to me



So terrible

At least Charles made a decent attempt


This is the most respect I’ve ever had for him.

Aside from that tampon letter, mad respect for that too.


If your going to do it go all out


When she dies I’m gonna call her a bad dancer and I don’t care what you think about that.