So McDonalds have a new burger range


The Signature




I’m interested in this:


Had the classic. Quite nice


breaks my heart that they don’t do veggie burgers with cheese


Ooh nice. I remember the crazy days of the mega Mac (4 burgers).


The new veggie burgers are actually OK though. Much better than that shitty wrap they were throwing about.



The Double Quarter was the best. Discontinued after a very short run.


Last week on the radio someone mentioned that McDonald’s now do a burger with Nutella in it. Surely that’s a windup? Sounds disgusting.


It had a different kind of bun, and more salad than normal


Our nearest branch has been doing them for almost a year now. Was thoroughly underwhelmed by the BBQ one back in Feb or March.



in Italy, and it’s a dessert, so fine


Thanks Marckee


omy they do this as well


going to mcdonalds in italy should be a crime(and i love mcdonalds)


I’ve only ever been to Italy once for like a day and I did not go to a McDonalds but I did eat pizza.


in france they did brown bread big macs for a while

and they have extra big chicken big mac !


they’ve been on the menu for ages, but the small print explained how I’d have to travel much further than I’m willing to to get one.

are these bigger and littler ones available in the uk?